About us

Eurospital was founded in Trieste in 1948 and keeps on looking to the future by searching for “Innovations for Living Better” that are the expression of its corporate vision.

The Diagnostics Division of Eurospital operates with the mission of constantly integrating its skills with scientific updates from an international network of experts in the field such as clinicians and laboratory technicians. Our aim is to ensure the high quality and value of our diagnostic solutions. In fact, over the years we have developed and therefore integrated the Eurospital portfolio, able to answer to the multiple diagnostics needs. The different product lines were born, one of which is the EMB: Eurospital Molecular Biology Product Line.

Eurospital molecular biology product line

The EMB line includes:

  • Diagnostic kits for virological, microbiological and human genetic diagnostics
  • Equipment for all types of routines and needs
  • Software for data management and connection to LIS

Our vision

We believe that Molecular Diagnostics nowadays is a fundamental approach for the prevention, identification and treatment of many diseases. Our commitment for the improvement and for the automation of diagnostic processes is renewed every day, through the passionate work of our R&D, the Production and Quality Department and our technical-scientific and specialist support team.

We never stop listening to our customers: their experience in the field and their needs are a continuous motivation to innovate and improve Eurospital SpA.